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 [Guide] AoE Ranger (Arch Ranger) Build + Path [Elf Only]

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[Guide] AoE Ranger (Arch Ranger) Build + Path [Elf Only] Empty
PostSubject: [Guide] AoE Ranger (Arch Ranger) Build + Path [Elf Only]   [Guide] AoE Ranger (Arch Ranger) Build + Path [Elf Only] Icon_minitimeThu Jul 15, 2010 9:02 pm

I'm probably never going to actually get down to making a character with this path but, here is what I think the best path for an Arch Ranger is.

Rogue > Ruffian > Scout > Treasure Hunter > Archer Ranger

Following this path, you will end up with 4 Bow AoEs, 2 Non-Weapon AoEs (Able to use any weapon), and 1 Dagger AoE.

From levels 1-74 you will be primarily using Daggers. At level 75, you can choose to use dagger for 3 AoEs or Bows for 2 AoEs in exchange for Physical Attack Power. At 105, you'll be using Bows.

From this Path you gain:
1% Physical Attack Power
4% Critical Damage
+9 Evasion
+12 MP Regeneration

Here is why I picked each job.

This is a base and has no reason really, voyager just sucks.

Since you went Ruffian, you'll be using Daggers here. The reason for choosing scout and not Thief or Archer is for the Critical Buff. It gives +104 Critical Rate, That's A LOT. Also, Evasion Buff.

Treasure Hunter:
Here you get 2 AoEs that when using them, weapon DOES NOT MATTER. This is important because it can massively raise the amount or AoEs you can use. Not only this but you also get Stealth, which is essential, whether PvP, or PvE. Another thing you get is a higher level Detect Hole, Blindside, and the Extortion Buff which increases Drop Rate (Extremely Useful)

Arch Ranger:
This is where you get your AoEs and power. Here you gain 4 AoEs giving you a total of 6! Yes, 6 is a SHITLOAD of AoEs. It's already been proven the Arch Ranger with Stealth are some of the strongest in PvP and PvE on other Luna servers. Simple as that.

Ability Points:
As said before, Rogues should always go FULL STRENGTH.

Skills: When I get to it.
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[Guide] AoE Ranger (Arch Ranger) Build + Path [Elf Only]
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